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Health Optimizing Services

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  • Supports detoxification 

  • Jumpstarts weight loss plans

  • Boosts Immune Health

  • Restores healthy blood sugar levels

  • Cellular regeneration & better sleep

  • Reduce visceral fat & inflammation

  • Lessens brain fog increases energy 

  • Satisfies your morning hunger 

  • Enhances Epigenetic Expression

  • Soy & Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO & 100% Vegan-friendly

  • No Drugs or Banned Substances

  • FDA-registered Facility

  • Safe clinically researched ingredients

  • Daily Immune Defense

  • 10 & 5 Day Protocols

  • ​Concentrated Potentilla

  • Peppermint | Acerola | Elderberry

  • Green & Blackberry Leaf Tea 

  • Astragalus | Echinacea

  • Premium Quality Ingredients

About Dr. Perry

As a physician, Dr. Perry diagnosed & treated lower body structural mobility & strength impairment caused by trauma, sports injury, and the effects of diabetes, and infectious disease. His medical training prepared him to rehabilitate the physical body through examination, diagnosis, and rehabilitative treatment, sometimes requiring his skills as a surgeon.

In his mission to deliver optimum patient care, Dr. Perry began incorporating non-traditional modalities in his patient treatment. His role as a provider allowed him to similar patients over time for mobility range and reduction of pain or generalized discomfort. 

The data was right in front of him and showed his triadic healing approach to the body, emotional mind, and diet produced better patient outcomes than those who only opted for traditional rehab. How a patient's diet, for example, could reduce inflammation. Given the correlation between inflammation and pain, this resulted in far greater pain-free movement and improved quality of life for those who practiced proper diet and nutrition. 

Fascinated by the results and immersing himself in what he discovered, Dr. Perry transitioned his practice from patient-centered to research-centered.   This sabbatical allowed him to develop his triadic approach further on his mission for accessible health optimization. 


• What nutrition components delivered the most significant health benefits?

•  What movement type and duration was optimum for exercise & rehab?
•What biomarkers were most indicative of optimum health & how to test for them?
•Can this be streamlined into a turn-key approach that is affordable and accessible for everyone?

After 3.5 years of development and testing, Dr. Perry is now working with others again to optimize their health using his proprietary triadic approach in combination with the latest cutting edge science of epigenetics.

Dr. Perry lives in Boston, MA, and enjoys cultural adventures with Becky, his significant other, and his three adult children.


Please accept our invitation to join and optimize your health to live the life you want to live.

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